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Go mobile and leave your competition lagging behind.

Empower your team with digital finance tools.

With deep support and key integrations, Asaak provides a platform to manage lending operations from application to servicing and reporting.

We enable you to focus on growing your business and reaching more customers.

Your needs, solved

Meet the comprehensive lending platform tailored to your business.

  • Custom-made digital marketing strategy across multiple channels
  • Track spending and analytics on all marketing campaigns in one platform
Application Processing
  • Multi-channel application enables reach to all customers, from USSD to SMS to Android
  • Instant verification of identity and key-risk metrics
Branch Management
  • Monitor and manage your staff and branches all in one platform
  • Enable KPIs and OKRs with actionable insights into your business
Loan Servicing
  • Advanced suite of customer service, payment management, portfolio monitoring and delinquency management tools
  • Automatic messaging, documentation and reconciliation
Smart Underwriting
  • Automated task and workflows for all loan types
  • Options like loan officer appraisals, automated collateral checks and loan contract creation
Investor Management
  • Dynamic, custom investor reporting for all stakeholders: from the board to external investors
  • Enable live and static reporting, CSV export all views

ONE platform

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